With our guest list management tool, you can easily manage your invitations – no matter how diverse your event operations are. Ticketorganizer gives you a comprehensive tool at your fingertips. From sending invitations to registration and admission, all processes and data can be managed centrally.

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Eco-friendly operations

Manage guest list and invitation process digitally to reduce environmental impact.


Customer data management

Use customer data to your advantage in a GDPR-compliant way – to increase customer loyalty.


Controlled admissions

Easily check who is onsite with our dashboard to stay up to date.


Benefit from flexibility

Determine in advance whether your customers can register directly for your event or whether the registration must be approved by you. Open registrations can be handled on a first-come, first-served basis. If desired, distribute approval rights among your employees and their access points.


Excel sheets are outdated

The guest list is the heart of any invitation management program. Say goodbye to outdated Excel spreadsheets and stacks of paper. In our dynamic guestlist you collect and structure all relevant data of your participants online. Excel tables are only needed for importing contacts – our system also offers a duplicate check. To sum it up, we have thought of everything.


Present your event professionally

We offer you a wide range of design options and templates that you can use with one click. Design your registration page with your unique Look & Feel, to match your event and your brand. After all, you want your guests to identify with you – your event is the focal point. Behind the scenes, our technologies are sure to dazzle you.


Setting the tone

Besides your corporate design, we attach just as much importance to your corporate wording – in times of media overload, only a familiar tone will get through your customers’ perception filters. Create such a tone with your personal wording. The data requested by your customers and the wording of your invitations/landing pages are therefore 100% up to you.


Complete flexibility

Give your participants the chance to subsequently correct their entered data if necessary. Our system offers you the possibility to do so. However, we understand that at a certain point the schedule needs to be fixed and therefore records should not be modifiable – specify a time from when customer records are no longer modifiable and the system automatically locks the data.


Crossing language barriers

Are you addressing an international audience? No problem! Show your respect and prove your professionalism from the first point of contact: create multilingual invitations and registration pages. Automatically assign and send the appropriate invitation/landing page depending on the attendee’s category. This will make your guests feel at home, va bene?


More order for you & your guests

Create groups by dividing your participants into categories. No matter whether you categorize the participants according to your own specifications or use generally valid categories – with the help of various arrangements you have a variety of filterable properties at your disposal. Only your VIP guests are allowed to specify an accompanying person? – No problem, we include this only on landing pages which your VIPs receive. Do you want to address a part of your participants in an informal way and another part in a formal way? – We provide you with two landing pages.

Send updates to your subscribers via 

WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook Messenger or Signal.



No more surprise guests

Bringing along accompanying persons has never been this simple. Determine in advance which groups of people are allowed to bring accompanying persons, and specify the number. Whether you only want to know the names, food allergies or no information at all – the possibilities for designing the form are broad and applicable to any case.


Find direct communication channels

Send automatic or manual messages directly from the system. Whether save-the-date messages or reminders – you decide who to contact and when. Interlink your messages with internal processes as well to automate message sending. For example, automations allow you to greet guests with a welcome message at check-in or invite them to take a live survey during the event. Find out which messengers we can provide you with on messageorganizer.


Overview at all times

With ticketorganizer you can record and manage all guest information within a very short time. Filter and sort your guest information according to any criteria and get a real-time overview of all persons present. Of course, all customer data remains DSGVO-compliant with you. By storing customer data, you can also simplify the registration process for your guests, by sending the registration form with the existing data to returning customers, for instance.


Safe side with data protection

Your data is hosted in our secure database in Austria. Our server is located in Salzburg, close to our HQ. We know the EU standards regarding data protection and have contract agreements with our customers.


Connect all your systems

Link specific query fields with other service providers to keep your communication simple and easy. This way you can automatically forward information or link further processes in the background. Your CRM software can directly take over the customer data or you use another mail program in which the contact data must be transferred.


Create profit

Your guest management can of course include a paid event. You decide whether the event is fee-based or whether a paid side event can be attended as an option.


Give your guests a second chance

Your event is limited and demand is high? We’re happy for you – and that’s why we want to push your exclusivity even further. If your guest list is full, let your attendees join the queue and inform them via messenger services like WhatsApp or Telegram as soon as a seat becomes available. Guests will appreciate that.